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Directed by King Lu

Cast: "Never Miss" Allie, Addison Ferguson, Anthony Yu, David Kasner, Geoff D. Green, Lion Dodsworth, Mayoum Mayoum, Ryon Thomas

Three teenagers – an Asian boy, Black boy, and Latina girl – weaponize their race and gender to hustle people at basketball in LA. But when the on-court gamesmanship gets too real, things go south.

Content Advisory: Racial slurs, adult language

Writer: King Lu
Producer: Jera Wang, Aaron Yu
Executive Producer: Jimmy Zhang, Gordon KK Huang, Willy Xiao, Jesse Zhao, Sam Zhao
Director of Photography: Steve Milligan
Editor: King Lu
Production Designer: Mikhaela Zabalerio
Sound Designer: William Hsieh
Music: Spence Lee, Big Blake

Plays in

VC Online | Weekend 2

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They made stories of us, being one on mountaintops. Fled the city after us, along the way they gave our props. Honor amongst thieves, but its way turns the pages. And it’s contagious, being part of us.

Dates & Times


VC Online

Sat, May 11
11:59 pm

Democracy Center @ JANM

Sun, May 5
8:00 pm