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Welcome to your VC Film Fest!

Welcome to the 40th edition of the VC FILM FEST (also known as the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival).  As the Festival continues its Renewal practices, we dedicate this Festival to Steve Tatsukawa (1949-1984), founding Executive Director and beloved community activist. We remember his impact, his humor, and positive influence he had on those around him. Through stories and shared memories, we ensure that his legacy resonates with future generations.

VC Film Fest honors our beloved elder cultural workers, linking them to present and emerging artists who continue to empower our communities and challenge perspectives.  

Grounded in our VC Presents programs reflecting the Visual Communications’ living values in our Archives, we celebrate VC Founders Duane Kubo & Eddie Wong, the community behind STAND UP FOR JUSTICE: THE RALPH LAZO STORY, and other stories that transcend time, space, and emotions.  From the world premiere of NOBUKO MIYAMOTO: A SONG IN MOVEMENT to this year’s Armed With a Camera vol. 2024 and Vision to Reel, we present generations of storytellers.  Imagining our futures through a rising generation of cultural bearers, we share this year’s Pacific Cinewaves and Indigenous NOW.  And in our growing practice of creating convergences with other BIPOC organizations who share our regenerative values, we present Our Storytelling Power, a shorts program from our Color Congress partners who embrace community participatory media in the same spirit as Digital Histories.

The Democracy Series looks into our global political experiences in the midst of another major election year in the United States.  It is our hope to create dialogue, empathy, and understanding in a time when democracy and humanity is in peril.

Our gratitude to all of you who continue to believe in what we make happen, inspiring us to embrace the power of storytelling to create just futures.

Welcome to your VC Film Fest.

With gratitude,

Visual Communications