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Directed by Chien-Hung Lien

Cast: Austin Lin, Esther Liu, Li Yin Yang, Ying Hung Lee, Yung Hsu Tang

In his feature film debut, Taiwanese writer and director Lien Chien-Hung helms a beautifully rendered study of a woman seeking love and companionship. A chicken farmer by trade, Lin Hui-Jun develops feelings for a French man, Martin, whom she only knows via the internet. While everyone around her is convinced it’s a scam, she longs to believe otherwise. Her journey outside of Taiwan to meet Martin is about more than just romance, it’s finally a chance at self-discovery. Esther Liu portrays Hui-Jun with deeply felt nuance, allowing a tender vulnerability in her character. Gorgeously lensed by Ching-Yao Liao, Salli is a smart and perceptive study of what it means to believe in love.  

Content Advisory: Partial nudity, Sexual encounters

Writer: Chien-Hung Lien, Essay Liu
Producer: Amanda Manyin Reinert, Uilin Ong
Executive Producer: Dennis Wu, Lieh Lee
Director of Photography: Liao Ching Yao
Editor: Chien-Hung Lien
Production Designer: Penny Pei Ling Tsai
Composer: Ying Hun Lee
Sound Designer: Tu Tse-Kang, Tu Duu Chih
Music: Ying Hun Lee