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Directed by Chien-Hung Lien

Cast: Austin Lin, Esther Liu, Li Yin Yang, Ying Hung Lee, Yung Hsu Tang

Deep gratitude to all of our community organizations for the work that they lead. Special thanks to KPFK Film Club and Chinese Migrant Museum for their help in promoting this program.

In his feature film debut, Taiwanese writer and director Lien Chien-Hung helms a beautifully rendered study of a woman seeking love and companionship. A chicken farmer by trade, Lin Hui-Jun develops feelings for a French man, Martin, whom she only knows via the internet. While everyone around her is convinced it’s a scam, she longs to believe otherwise. Her journey outside of Taiwan to meet Martin is about more than just romance, it’s finally a chance at self-discovery. Esther Liu portrays Hui-Jun with deeply felt nuance, allowing a tender vulnerability in her character. Gorgeously lensed by Ching-Yao Liao, Salli is a smart and perceptive study of what it means to believe in love.  

Content Advisory: Partial nudity, Sexual encounters

Writer: Chien-Hung Lien, Essay Liu
Producer: Amanda Manyin Reinert, Uilin Ong
Executive Producer: Dennis Wu, Lieh Lee
Director of Photography: Liao Ching Yao
Editor: Chien-Hung Lien
Production Designer: Penny Pei Ling Tsai
Composer: Ying Hun Lee
Sound Designer: Tu Tse-Kang, Tu Duu Chih
Music: Ying Hun Lee

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