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Directed by Sofía Rodríguez Pizero

Cast: Aka-hanga Rapu Tuki, Poike Tuki Mejía, Sicky Rapu Tuki

“Marahoro” is the amusing and heartwarming coming of age story of 15-year-old Marahoro who has a rough time balancing his father’s wishes for him to become a Rapa Nui folk artist and his own calling from the voices of the sea. The spirited young boy will find in an ancient Rapa Nui holler the strength to challenge his father’s harshness, showing him that his son can find his own place in the world and honor his culture in his own way.

Content Advisory: Smoking

Writer: Sofía Rodríguez Pizero
Producer: Camila Flores Hevia, Sofía Rodríguez Pizero
Executive Producer: Sergio Rapu
Director of Photography: Fred Renata
Editor: Gerard Elmore
Production Designer: Karla Tuki
Composer: Tihema Bennett
Sound Designer: Vedat Kiyici

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An additional Pacific Cinewaves Shorts offering, this program is anchored by 2 different explorations of home.

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