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Directed by Asis Sethi

Cast: Amayra Patel, Gauri Prasad, Jasmine Sawant, Keerthi Paikera, Rehraas Sethi Randhawa, Ronica Sajnani, Sarabjeet Singh Arora, Sukhman Gill

When a new South Asian mother, gives birth, she realizes she may be stuck in a place of darkness, without knowing how to get out. Be it her struggles with breastfeeding or the crippling anxiety that something can happen to her newborn, Pari soon dissolves into her puddle of grief.

Content Advisory: Flashing images, emotional pain, suicidal thoughts

Writer: Armin Sethi, Asis Sethi
Producer: Daisy Kaur Guron, Rabiya Mansoor
Executive Producer: Armin Sethi, Asis Sethi
Director of Photography: Daniel Everitt Lock
Editor: Asis Sethi
Production Designer: Alexis Fisette
Composer: Janal Bechthold
Sound Designer: Steve Ejbick
Music: Janal Bechthold, Raj Ghuman

Plays in

VC Online | Weekend 1

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Parenthood is a roller coaster of highs and lows, happiness, sorrow, and everything in between.

Dates & Times


VC Online

Mon, May 6
11:59 pm