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Directed by Dai Leyi

Cast: Christine Marian Tang, Grace Mar, Kim Jiang Dubaniewicz, Lynne Bolen, Sharon Gardner

After a recent divorce, Emma finds herself financially strained and facing an unexpected pregnancy in Texas. On her daughter Ellie’s birthday, Emma reluctantly brings her along to the abortion clinic, only to be denied due to restrictive state laws. Battling her inner turmoil, Emma tries to stay composed, but her mother Shirley intuits her daughter’s distress. In a vulnerable moment, Shirley opens up about her own harrowing experience of undergoing an unsafe, illegal abortion in 1969, sparking a poignant journey of empathy and understanding between mother and daughter.

Writer: Dai Leyi
Producer: Alex Jiang, Lameng Bei
Director of Photography: Im-Sun Song
Editor: Chueh-Hui Huang, Julia M. Quiceno
Production Designer: Ziwei Ouyang
Composer: Cali Wang
Sound Designer: Cabba Jiaxuan Cai
Music: Cali Wang, Baihui Chen

Plays in

VC Online | Weekend 1

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Parenthood is a roller coaster of highs and lows, happiness, sorrow, and everything in between.

Dates & Times


VC Online

Mon, May 6
11:59 pm