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Directed by Bastien Ehouzan, Mukaddas Mijit

Deep gratitude to all of our community organizations for the work that they lead. Special thanks to KPFK Film Club for their help in promoting this program.

It is 2017 in the Uyghur Region. Dilber is a 27 year-old single woman whereas her little sister Rena, who’s getting married. Her relatives never miss a chance to point it out, and her mother is set to find her a husband quickly. Meanwhile Rena settles down with her new family, she confess to Dilber that her husband has been questioned by the district committee. Moreover Uyghurs are arrested every day, without people knowing why. Dilber faces increasing pressures to get married, and she resign herself to find a husband. Every day she video calls with her friend Gulnur in Paris, who offers her a solution. Get married remotely with a Uygur man living there.

Content Advisory: Content that is not suitable for children

Dates & Times


Democracy Center @ JANM

Thu, May 2
8:30 pm