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Directed by Kacey Layson

Cast: Angelina Regoso, Ariana Basco, Aurora-Blessing Basco, Fenix Basco

A reluctant Filipino-American daughter takes a trip with her mother to the island of Palawan to visit family. Their priorities clash but eventually, find a way back to each other.

Writer: Kacey Layson
Producer: Achim Mendoza
Director of Photography: Kento Komatsu
Editor: Kacey Layson
Production Designer: Kacey Layson
Composer: Jaimie Pangan
Sound Designer: Gene Chaban
Music: Jaimie Pangan, Tim Lee

Plays in


Another balikbayan box has arrived! Let’s savor every pasalubong.

Dates & Times


Art Theatre of Long Beach

Thu, May 9
8:00 pm