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Directed by Isaac Kau

Cast: Bailey, Fern Kuo, Michelle Jonan

In this 6-minute documentary, IF YOU WERE HERE follows Ama (grandma) Kuo’s daily routines, her love story with Akong (grandpa) and her struggle to support 6 daughters in the US while her husband worked to support them financially back in Taiwan. As she recounts the love that traversed 6,891 miles, Ama prepares for her usual visit to her late husband’s gravesite. The filmmakers ask her—if Akong was here now, what would you say to him?

Content Advisory: Grief

Writer: Isaac Kau
Producer: Isaac Kau and Ian Lima
Executive Producer: Isaac Kau and Ian Lima
Director of Photography: Ian Lima
Editor: Isaac Kau and Ian Lima
Sound Designer: Nicholas Delgado

Plays in

VC Online | Weekend 1

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The rear-view mirror reflects the past, so let’s focus on the road ahead.

Dates & Times


VC Online

Mon, May 6
11:59 pm