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Directed by T. L. Quach

Cast: Angel Jin, Darren Huang, Florence Ding, Ge Geng, Patrick Chou, Paul Wong, Kai Yong Lauritzen

This is a poetic and intimate short film about love, commitment, and perseverance. It is about an Asian American family, where a devoted wife cares for her frail husband in the late stage of dementia. As her life unfolds before her eyes, she is reminded of the hard and happy times they experienced as first-generation immigrants in the 1970s and in the present. She is also reminded of why she perseveres and finds hope in their enduring love.

Writer: Jiming Sun Lindal
Producer: Jiming Sun Lindal
Director of Photography: Norbert Shieh
Editor: Cynthia Chen
Production Designer: Vidhisha Mahesh
Composer: Darren Huang
Sound Designer: Kevin Khor
Music: Darren Huang

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The rear-view mirror reflects the past, so let’s focus on the road ahead.

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