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DÌDI (弟弟)

Directed by Sean Wang

Cast: Chang Li Hua, Izaac Wang, Joan Chen, Shirley Chen

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A.

Deep gratitude to all of our community organizations for the work that they lead. Special thanks to CAPE and Chinese American Museum for their help in promoting this program.

In 2008, during the last month of summer before high school begins, an impressionable 13-year-old Taiwanese American boy learns what his family can’t teach him: how to skate, how to flirt, and how to love your mom.

Content Advisory: Smoking

Writer: Sean Wang
Producer: Carlos López Estrada, Josh Peters, Valerie Bush, and Sean Wang
Executive Producer: Chris Quintos Cathcart, Tyler Boehm, Robina Riccitiello, Joan Chen, Chris Columbus, Eleanor Columbus, Dave A. Liu and Jennifer J. Pritzker
Director of Photography: Sam Davis
Editor: Arielle Zakowski
Production Designer: Hanrui Wang
Composer: Giosuè Greco
Sound Designer: Jackie Zhou
Music: Toko Nagata

Dates & Times


Democracy Center @ JANM

Wed, May 8
8:00 pm