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طلوع به وقت کابل 

Directed by Tara Motamedi

Cast: Neagheen Homaifar, Wida Karim

In the wake of the Americans announcing their withdrawal from Afghanistan, an Afghan prosecutor fleeing from the Taliban seeks the help of an American journalist to evacuate from Kabul before the last plane departs.

Writer: Tara Motamedi
Producer: Rafael Thomaseto, Helena Sardinha
Executive Producer: Lena Waithe, Rishi Rajani, Natasha Wellesley
Director of Photography: Daniel Rink
Editor: Shannon Albrink
Production Designer: Ves Phillippi
Composer: Ljova Zhurbin
Sound Designer: Cameron McMichael, Dillon Cahill
Music: Ljova Zhurbin

Plays in


They made stories of us, being one on mountaintops. Fled the city after us, along the way they gave our props. Honor amongst thieves, but its way turns the pages. And it’s contagious, being part of us.

Dates & Times


Democracy Center @ JANM

Sun, May 5
8:00 pm