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Directed by Cris Bringas

Cast: Angelu

In the Philippines, the deceased are buried with their prized possessions in the belief that they would need them in the afterlife. This tradition remains prevalent to this day.

On the outskirts of Manila, an old house is on the verge of abandonment. In this somber space, a lesbian woman recounts and reenacts the menace that comes with accepting one’s sexuality in a home marred by rejection. As the house’s own history of abuse is uncovered and the woman digs up and confronts her buried past, these two disparate narratives coalesce into a story of trauma, emancipation, and a contemplation of the meaning of home.

Content Advisory: Disturbing sounds

Writer: Cris Bringas, Angelu Zafe
Producer: Mark Cyril Bautista
Executive Producer: Ed Knox, Troy Bringas
Director of Photography: Eve Baswel
Editor: Delano Vinci
Production Designer: Hannah Maur
Sound Designer: Lamberto Casas, Jr., Delano Vinci

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Another balikbayan box has arrived! Let’s savor every pasalubong.

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