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8AM & 8PM

Directed by Sanjna Bharadwaj

Cast: Ashwin Mehta, Deepti Gupta, Deepti Menon, Kausar Mohammed, Neal Koripella, Nicholas F. Philipp, Shawn Richard

Itʼs 4am and Paru has a dead body to hide. She needs help & she needs it bad. She throws the body in the trunk of her car, and decides to see an old friend from the past, someone sheʼs betrayed, Sonali.

Sonali has spent the years willfully ignoring Paru’s existence and working a comfortable tech job. Her idyllic life is interrupted when Paru shows up at her apartment in the dead of night. Presuming Paruʼs finally arrived to apologize, Sonali agrees to talk.

It quickly becomes clear that Paru isn’t here to apologize; she needs a favor. After a tense back and forth & vulnerability from both sides, they experience a moment of true connection, their first in years. Sonali agrees to help Paru hide the body. Though they’ve reconciled, both of them are blind to the fact reuniting now means any future goodbye would be that much more painful.

Writer: Sanjna Bharadwaj
Producer: Neil Thekdi, Jaie Peshawaria
Executive Producer: Etienne Maurice, Mamak Shahbazi, Kavi Peshawaria
Director of Photography: Haley Min Young Kreofsky
Editor: Longbrain Productions
Production Designer: Rohini Jadhav
Composer: Ishaan Chhabra
Sound Designer: Garrard Whatley
Music: Elias Rahbani

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Life really be life’in, sometimes. Can you believe we made it this far?

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