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Directed by Risa Morimoto

Cast: Angelina Herr, Denyse Ockerman-Woo, Irma and Phillip Ockerman, James Herr, Manisha Shahane, Nayana Shahane, Pear Sintumuang, Sawat and Prapin Sintumuang, Shyam Shahane


Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A.

We Care is a series of day in the life vignettes featuring 4 Asian American families as they cope with the challenges and self-discoveries as caregivers for their aging family members.  Pear Sintumuang balances the pressures of caring for her parents, her work and personal life. Her father is diabetic and is suffering from end stage kidney disease while her mother suffers from arthritis.  Jim Herr’s 96 year old Filipino mother took care of her husband until his passing at 92 years old from complications from Parkinson’s Disease. Jim’s mother now lives with Jim in Los Angeles and they must navigate how to best care for her as she nears 100.  The Shahanes cared for their mother when she was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder. This experience left an indelible mark on their lives as they now care for their aging father.  The Ockerman-Woos had to leave their home in beloved Hawai’I because of Denyse’s mother’s costly medical needs.  They now live in Hemet, CA, but long to one day return to Hawai’i.

We Care poses questions and provides ideas and resources for many Asian Americans who are going through similar caregiving experiences.  While caregiving can be isolating, frustrating and challenging, it can also be incredibly humbling, loving and beautiful. With a growing community of Asian American caregivers, we discover that we are not alone and that together, we can prevail and share a greater appreciation for one another and for life.

Writer: Risa Morimoto
Producer: Risa Morimoto
Executive Producer: David Kim, Benny Lai, Clayton Fong
Director of Photography: Risa Morimoto
Editor: Risa Morimoto
Sound Designer: A Dao – Kiwi Audio and Video Production

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