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Directed by Josef Akira

Cast: Adele Zin, Crystle "Liwayway" Dino, Gideon Mana Lorete, Jackie Marzan, Paolo Rein, Rehana Morita, Soultree

The story of UndocuForce is one of resistance, resilience, and relationships. Travel to a sacred space of Filipino Martial Arts and Sound Healing with Soultree and a beautiful circle of AAPI artists. Gathered on a coastal nature sanctuary featuring the Korean Friendship bell, these artists train in disciplines of expression and healing. UndocuForce’s strong lyrical content chronicles undocumented history and closes the song with “I’ll leave it up to native folks who can go on and stay” as a statement of re-indigenizing our future.

Content Advisory: martial arts weapons

Writer: Stephanie “Soultree” Camba
Producer: Shahrooz Mahmoodi
Executive Producer: The Slants Foundation
Director of Photography: Raphael Estrada
Editor: Joe Akira
Production Designer: Stephanie “Soultree” Camba
Composer: Derek “DC” Cannon
Sound Designer: Derek “DC” Cannon
Music: Stephanie “Soultree” Camba

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This year’s opening reception will be a call back to watching music videos at home with friends.