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Directed by Ryan Fukuda

Cast: Bransen Sands, Christina Uyeno, Doug Sellers, Kristina Haddad, Kvetka Sanchez, Liliana Inouye, Myhraliza Aala, Nick Serrone, Rebecca Morse, Rich Cohn-Lee, Ruby Upadhyay Reid, Sophie Inouye

Myh, while currently in a relationship, is dissatisfied and believes there may be a better match out there for her. In her pursuit to find the perfect match, she is confronted by her besties, her Auntie Erlinda, and even her secret crush in Dan the Man, whom she continues to deny. But, Myh’s interest is piqued by a new friend who believes love should be openly free and limitless. As a result, Myh engages in a new dating app that connects her to a someone who ends being a bit of an imposter, which leads to the date ending quickly.  Myh runs into this “imposter” date in an unexpected place, leaving her feeling awkward, embarrassed, and ultimately alone. So she thinks.

Content Advisory: Sexual Intercourse Simulation

Writer: Myhraliza Aala
Producer: Vincent Hoai Pham
Executive Producer: Aala Is Possible Productions
Director of Photography: Patricia Pahinag
Editor: Seleste Astronomo
Composer: Andy Kneis & Ruby Upadhyay Reid
Sound Designer: Nicholas Decker
Music: Andy Kneis & Ruby Upadhyay Reid

Plays in

VC Online | Weekend 1

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Life really be life’in, sometimes. Can you believe we made it this far?

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VC Online

Mon, May 6
11:59 pm