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Directed by Nathan Fitch

Cast: Dr. Sheldon Riklon, Melisa Laelan, Neisen Laukon

IN EXILE is a short film that explores the US nuclear legacy in the Pacific through the lens of members of the Marshallese community in Springdale Arkansas. After World War II this community was told their islands in Micronesia were essential for the good of mankind for Operation Crossroads, a series of nuclear tests in Bikini Atoll commencing in 1946 and lasting nearly a decade. In a highly choreographed scene photographed by an array of military cameras, the Marshallese begin the process of leaving their home islands for an exile that has now lasted 70 plus years. They were not told that their islands would be vaporized, their waters poisoned, and their bodies used as test subjects. Because of an array of factors including climate change, limited opportunities for education, and a stagnant economy, many Marshallese have migrated to Springdale Arkansas to work in the meatpacking industry. IN EXILE explores this history in the voices of members of the diaspora community like Dr. Sheldon Riklon, Melisa Laelan, and survivor Neisen Laukon.

Writer: Nathan Fitch
Producer: Angela Edward, Nathan Fitch
Executive Producer: Cheryl Hirasa
Director of Photography: Nathan Fitch
Editor: Danya Abt, Nathan Fitch
Sound Designer: Chase Brandau
Music: David Fanshawe Collection

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We are grateful to present another edition of Pacific Cinewaves Shorts; celebrating stories that connect generations and lands.