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Directed by Dave Quion

Cast: Dave Quion, Desnar Pandiangan, Jana Joy Quion, Kyle Blanton Ross

Duckhammer and Kid Squirrel, two best friends who love to play basketball, get thoroughly embarrassed in a game by two neighborhood bullies that have been bullying them their whole lives. A few years later, Duckhammer learns to dunk, and Kid believes they can beat these bullies once and for all. He may also be trying to impress his lifelong crush, Claire Squirrel. But can he put aside his obsession with finally making a basket, which he has never done?

Writer: Dave Quion
Producer: Dave Quion
Executive Producer: Dave Quion
Director of Photography: Dave Quion
Editor: Dave Quion
Production Designer: Dave Quion
Composer: Kyle Blanton Ross
Sound Designer: Kyle Blanton Ross
Music: Kyle Blanton Ross

Plays in

VC Online | Weekend 1

VC FILM FEST is excited to present great line up of films & episodic programs on our Virtual Cinema.


These frames in motion ask us what’s in the space in-between the lines?

Dates & Times


VC Online

Mon, May 6
11:59 pm

Aratani Central Hall @ JANM

Fri, May 3
9:30 pm