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Directed by Anya Zulueta, Dominic Zulueta

Cast: Gab Pangilinan

Tohru is a scared little kitten when he first enters his new place of residence, hiding in a pot and scuffling with the territorial tabby, Jiji. But Tohru soon learns the comforts of his new home -birthday celebrations, meals shared, and chin scratches. Over time, Tohru and Jiji become brothers, often gazing out the window together at birds. Tohru becomes ill and his health deteriorates, confusing and worrying his parents who want to comfort him. Through all his ups and downs, Tohru finds his place in a loving family where he will always belong.

Content Advisory: Grief

Writer: Anya Zulueta
Producer: Sonny Calvento and Arianna Martinez
Editor: Tyron
Production Designer: Martin Russell Ong, Rogela Mari Malaque, Dominic Zulueta
Composer: Andrew Florentino
Sound Designer: John Daryl A. Libongco
Music: Cheats

Plays in


These frames in motion ask us what’s in the space in-between the lines?

Dates & Times


Aratani Central Hall @ JANM

Fri, May 3
9:30 pm