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Directed by Emily Hong

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A.

Above and Below Ground captures Myanmar’s first and only country-wide environmental movement, illuminating the triumphs and struggles of Indigenous women activists and punk rock pastors as they work to defend the sacred Mali Hka Nu river from a Chinese-built megadam through protest, prayer, and Karaoke music videos. Our film follows these individuals through their journey of activism, from their underground beginnings during Myanmar’s military junta rule, to supposed “democratic” reforms and a sudden military coup. During such periods of fledgling democracy and dictatorship–in Myanmar and globally–our film asks how ordinary people can use the power of music, community organizing and women’s leadership to challenge authoritarianism.

Content Advisory: Brief scene of military violence

Producer: Maggie Lemere, Ja Nang Tsen, Emily Hong
Director of Photography: Emily Hong
Editor: Sophie Brunet, Aacharee Ungsriwong, Loulwa Khoury
Composer: Martin Crane
Sound Designer: Ernst Karel
Music: Martin Crane, BLAST