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C3: Understanding Inclusion On-Screen


This event will be hosted via Zoom. Click here to RSVP.

The U.S. is becoming more diverse every year, but is television programming keeping pace with the changing demographics of America? As part of Nielsen’s commitment to social justice, we will be releasing a report on the state of representation and inclusion in the television industry. During this session, Ronjan Sikdar, Nielsen SVP of Product & Technology, Media Analytics, will share an early look at Asian representation on broadcast, cable and streaming programs. With these inclusion metrics, you’ll be able to understand how investments in diverse casting and content can lead to better outcomes for audience growth, advertiser reach, and increased visibility of underrepresented groups in media.

Ronjan Sikdar leads Product & Technology within Media Analytics at Nielsen, which develops and deploys analytics solutions to help clients in the media ecosystem make better decisions in today’s fragmented, multi-screen world. Prior to this role, Ronjan spent 9 years in various roles in Nielsen’s digital business, helping clients from the packaged goods world and the media world understand the emerging, innovative, and disruptive digital space.

Vanna Tran is Director of Community Engagement for Nielsen. Understanding that data empowers communities, businesses and individuals, she is able to connect the dots between culture and data in order to bring a fresh perspective on the dynamics of diversity. Through her work on a series of groundbreaking analytic reports on the attitudes and behaviors of African American, Asian American, and Hispanic consumers, she is able to decipher the cultural essence that drives diverse consumer behavior while reinforcing the importance of inclusion and representation.

Missed the live conversation? Watch it below!


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Fri, Oct 30
12:00 pm