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About Our Art

Tiffany Le is the artist behind the 36th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival’s key art. Featured in her digital illustration is a contemplative silhouette, being carried forward to the future by the waves. It represents a positive perspective during these difficult and fluctuating times.

This year’s art piece was inspired by “the myriad that makes Los Angeles, its people, and growing up my entire life in Southern California. I love both the colorful palette of culture here and being able to still find space for yourself in pockets of moments, both feelings I incorporate into the little details of the key art — the waves and movement of the figure’s hair, the city reflecting in the sunglasses, and the Santa Monica pier in the background.” In her stylish blend of a fantastical color palette and the theme of water, Le’s work evokes an uplifting message of drawing understanding and strength from the city’s diversity as well as capturing the whimsicality of Los Angeles.

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