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Directed by Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero, Anna Luisa Petrisko, Tonia B******

This project is available for viewing on October 9, 2020 at 4pm PT. Click here to RSVP.

The VIBRATION GROUP is a spaceship-dwelling commune of migrants who have left Earth due to climate change, violence, off-Earth labor contracts, and broken hearts. They reject the idea of being settlers on another’s planet, leaving them stuck in suspension as they travel through the cosmos engaging in research and regeneration of the self.

As they live in displacement from their homes and families, the VIBRATION GROUP has been developing methods for co-existing in isolation. Through their many avenues of embodied research, they have refined these skills and continue to observe the benefits to their bodies, minds, and spirits.

Festival guests are invited to take part in a special focus group of this unique research and methodology. Join the VIBRATION GROUP for an astral voyage with meditation, music, dance, and a rare visit to the intergalactic library of knowledge. By beaming onto their ship, you’ll help spread their message of healing and resiliency in hopes that it will reverberate across their beloved home planet Earth.

This performance is an extension of the VIBRATION GROUP experimental opera.

Director: Anna Luisa Petrisko, Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero, Tonia B******
Concept, Editor, Music & Art Director: Anna Luisa Petrisko
Technical Director: Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero & Tonia B******
Host: Ana Carolina Estarita Guerrero
Featuring Original Shorts by: Lu Coy, Tiara Jackson, Jon Almaraz, Micaela Tobin, Fanciulla Gentile
Additional performances by: Barry Brannum, Sarah Gail, Laskfar Vortok
3D Ship Model: Carlo Maghirang
Lighting: Kerstin Hovland
Logo Designer: Kristian Henson
Documentation Footage: Cary Cronenwett

Plays in

REORIENT: Emerging Media

REORIENT highlights creative works in emerging media—virtual reality, video games, live streaming, and more. Although we are sheltering at home, the projects featured here bring us to outer space and the depths of the ocean, into digital worlds, and the minds of plants. This year’s program also showcases innovative responses to the constraints of creating and connecting amidst a global pandemic. From Zoom performances to interactive soundscapes, these projects offer compelling explorations of our relationship to community, memory, and the world(s) around us. — Sue Ding

Dates & Times



Fri, Oct 9
4:00 pm


Thu, Oct 1
12:00 pm