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Directed by Jaehee Cho

This project is available for viewing from October 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020. Click here to view the project.

Take in the elements from the Haenyeo perspective, and dive with them as they harvest the sea. Listen to the youngest Haenyeo as she describes her work, community, and identity as one of Korea’s amazing Sea Women, a culture battling to define its place in modern Korea.

Director: Jaehee Cho
Producer: Ralph Vituccio, Sarabeth Boak
Director of Photography: Jusin Kim
Technical Director: Jack Tsai
Underwater Photographer: Y.Zin Kim
Artist: Nayeon Kim, Kyungkuk Kim
Music Composer: Wonji Lee
Sound Effects: Larry Yucheng Chang

Plays in

REORIENT: Emerging Media

REORIENT highlights creative works in emerging media—virtual reality, video games, live streaming, and more. Although we are sheltering at home, the projects featured here bring us to outer space and the depths of the ocean, into digital worlds, and the minds of plants. This year’s program also showcases innovative responses to the constraints of creating and connecting amidst a global pandemic. From Zoom performances to interactive soundscapes, these projects offer compelling explorations of our relationship to community, memory, and the world(s) around us. — Sue Ding

Dates & Times



Thu, Oct 1
12:00 pm