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Directed by Anne Jan Sijbrandij

Cast: Loey Tamaëla, Noah Tamaëla

The Tamaëla family has an eventful political history in which “liberating” the Moluccan territory was their goal. More than 60 years after their refuge to the Netherlands, Loey Tamaëla and his family are still hoping to one day return to a free Moluccas. Their memories of Nusa Ina, the mother island, strengthen a dream of protecting their Moluccan identity. Perhaps knowing that everything will eventually become history.

Writer: Anne Jan Sijbrandij
Producer: Anne Jan Sijbrandij
Executive Producer: RITCS
Director of Photography: Thomas Schouten
Editor: Anne Jan Sijbrandij
Production Designer: Anne Jan Sijbrandij, Thomas Schouten
Composer: Timo Sijbrandij
Sound Designer: Timo Sijbrandij
Music: Timo Sijbrandij

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They are the original storytellers of their lands, we are grateful to be able to share their continued stories today.