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Directed by Adnan Hussain

Kalyan is an animated short film about the wonders of the universe, the pain of separation and what it means to love. It combines Sindhi music with liquid on glass and painterly animation techniques to bring the Sufi poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai to life.

Writer: Adnan Hussain
Producer: Adnan Hussain
Executive Producer: Adnan Hussain
Director of Photography: Adnan Hussain
Editor: Adnan Hussain
Production Designer: Adnan Hussain
Composer: Ustad Anb Jogi
Music: Ustad Anb Jogi (Composer/Dholak), Rashid Haideri (Vocals/Harmonium), Aarab Brohi (Dambura), Shahid Ali (Sitar),

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This year’s opening reception will be a call back to watching music videos at home with friends.