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Directed by Madeleine Lim

Cast: Ajuan Mance, Brian Freeman, Cheryl Clarke, Crystal Jang, Denise DeJean, Diane Sabin, Dorothy Allison, Jennifer DeVere Brody, Katherine Acey, Kim Shuck, Nancy Bereano, Phillip LeClaire, Troy Rockett

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A.

An Ioway and Wampanoag, African American and Cape Verdean, femme lesbian, Jewelle co-founded decades-old social justice organizations that are more relevant than ever. Expansive in her creative imagination, inclusive in her philanthropic leadership, and passionate in her lesbian of color feminist ethics, she is an unrelenting torchbearer for the transformative power of the artist as activist.

JEWELLE: A Just Vision weaves hauntingly spare gothic visuals that illuminate passages from the novel with stirring play performances, riveting book readings, celebratory news events, sultry interludes and cherished moments at home, a treasure trove of personal papers and photos, and incisive interviews with artists, activists, and scholars.

Content Advisory: Mention of racism, homophobia, attempted suicide, and AIDS

Writer: T. Kebo Drew
Producer: Madeleine Lim
Executive Producer: Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project
Director of Photography: Madeleine Lim, Ruth Gumnit
Editor: Corey Ohama, Elizabeth Finlayson
Composer: Allegra Bandy, Melanie DeMore
Music: Toshi Reagon, Ulali, and Ferron


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