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Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A.

Dear Dad, I hope you enjoy these tender explorations of family. With love, Your Son.

In this program


Directed by Arpita Mukherjee

A new film written by Danny Pudi, RUNNING follows Danny as he sets out to uncover the story of his estranged father.  Piecing together mementos, stories from his dad’s old friends, and hard conversations with his mother, Pudi starts on a mission to solve the puzzle of his father and finds himself instead on a complex, funny, and vulnerable journey of self-discovery and acceptance.


Directed by G Yamazawa

A Japanese-American rapper discovers how art can champion cultural liberation as he takes us on the poetic journey of Yamazushi.


Directed by Bernard Badion

A man’s stubborn father refuses to move unless a broken down van comes with him.


Directed by Spencer Glover

KJ is an offbeat middle schooler and martial arts movie nerd from Compton, when he challenges the top dojos in South LA and wears his Uncles old Black Belt, his former fighter Dad gets too involved and both learn there’s more to life than keeping your guard up.

Dates & Times


Regal L.A. LIVE

Sat, May 13
2:30 pm