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Directed by Bernard Badion

Cast: Chris Quintos, Eugene Cordero, Lydia Gaston, Pam Murphy, Payam Peter Banifaz, Raul Aranas, Sam Cathcart

A dutiful son (Eugene Cordero) spends a week moving his eclectic elderly father (Raul Aranas) out of the only home he’s ever known in America. When his father says he won’t leave unless he gets to take his broken down 1986 Toyota Van with him, something he’d much rather leave behind, things get worse. Left with no choice, the son hires a mechanic to fix the van, but finds that what’s really broken is the relationship between himself and his father; a relationship that has been non-existent since the passing of his mother. The son wants his father to move in with his new family and move on with his life, but letting go is easier said than done.

Writer: Bernard Badion
Producer: Cindy Lu
Executive Producer: Chris Quintos, Gilbert Galon
Director of Photography: Marco Bercasio
Editor: Julian Doan
Production Designer: Christianne Cruz
Composer: Tangelene Bolton
Sound Designer: Eric Marks
Music: Tangelene Bolton

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Dear Dad, I hope you enjoy these tender explorations of family. With love, Your Son.

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Regal L.A. LIVE

Sat, May 13
2:30 pm