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Directed by G Yamazawa

Cast: George Yamazawa, Mayumi Yamazawa

In 1986, a small Japanese restaurant opened its doors and became the first of its kind in Durham, North Carolina. Years later, Yamazushi, operated by George and Mayumi Yamazawa, transformed into an experience that many would say is the first of its kind in the American South. In his 2022 directorial debut, hip hop artist G Yamazawa reveals the essence of his family’s story, the source of his own courage, and the art of being unapologetically authentic.

Writer: G Yamazawa
Producer: Kelsey Kawana, Beau Sia, G Yamazawa
Executive Producer: G Yamazawa
Director of Photography: G Yamazawa
Editor: G Yamazawa
Production Designer: G Yamazawa
Composer: G Yamazawa
Sound Designer: Dan Schneider

Plays in


Dear Dad, I hope you enjoy these tender explorations of family. With love, Your Son.

Dates & Times


Regal L.A. LIVE

Sat, May 13
2:30 pm