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Directed by Kashif Pasta

Cast: Adolyn H. Dar, Ali Kazmi, Anika Zulfikar, Harleen Uppal, Sumit Dhingra

Desi Standard Time Travel is a Pakistani-Canadian sci-fi drama short with heart. It’s about fatherhood, second chances, and seeing your parents as real people for the first time in your life. New father Imran has regrets about the last conversation he ever had with his father. So when he gets the opportunity to go back in time and end things on a better note, Imran jumps at the chance to get the parenting advice he sorely misses now that he has his own son, too. But this is Pakistani time travel, and we’re never on time. Im- ran is sent back too far – all the way back to 1993, where he meets his parents in their early twenties, exactly when they’re pregnant with him as new immigrants in a foreign land.

Writer: Kashif Pasta
Producer: Shyam Valera, Eric Bizzarri
Executive Producer: Sunny Gill, Lalji John
Director of Photography: Dmitry Lopatin
Editor: Jasleen Kaur
Production Designer: Micah Angela
Composer: Patrick Zappia
Sound Designer: James Findlay, Jacob Waxman
Music: Patrick Zappia

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Regal L.A. LIVE

Sat, May 13
11:30 am