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Directed by Rahat Mahajan

Cast: Ahalya Shetty, Daljit Sean Singh, Kapila Venu, KN Lakshmanan, Lalita Shivani, Raj Zutshi, Rajeevan Peesappilly, Ritvik Tyagi, Sadanand Bhasi

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A.

Studying in a colonial-era boarding school in the Himalayan mountains, Jaivardhana (‘JV’) is an insolent and mischievous sixteen-year-old who finds it hard to balance his world within the rigid and mundane structures of school, and his newfound attraction towards another student, Tarini. As the tale unfolds, we begin to realize their roles as timeless lovers in a mythical tale, meeting in the present day after several centuries of longing, and leading up to the death of Tarini in this life as well.  As the whole universe conspires to break the ancient curse, this tale of eternal love can only end if Jaivardhana travels to the land of death itself. The story of Meghdoot is where myth and reality merge, giving birth to something new. Where we witness the dream of a boy, merging with the cosmic dream.

Writer: Rahat Mahajan
Producer: Sanjay Singh, Rahat Mahajan, Nalin Agarwal
Executive Producer: Punam Sawhney, Elias Kazmi, Manhar Shaheed
Director of Photography: Rahat Mahajan, Anil Pingua
Editor: Rahat Mahajan, Bina Paul
Production Designer: Rahat Mahajan
Composer: Nikhel Kumar Mahajan
Sound Designer: Kunal Sharma
Music: Nikhel Kumar Mahajan

Dates & Times


Regal L.A. LIVE

Sat, May 13
4:30 pm