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Directed by Emily Teera

Cast: Praya Lundberg, Trungta "Kae" Werner

The film opens with Fah, a warm soul hiding her feelings with a good smile, at her mother’s funeral. She puts up a strong front in an attempt to silence the million conflicting emotions she’s experiencing. Fah steps out of the funeral as the procession begins to gather her emotions. At that moment a mysterious trail of coins appears before her. She follows the trail and ends up at a Noodle Shop in the middle of the forest. There she finds the soul of her mother, June, eating a bowl of noodles before heading to her next life. Fah reunites with her mother, but the reality of their conflicting natures shatters the brief moment of warmth. With the help of the owner of the Noodle Shop, Fah and June try to bridge the gap in their relationship before time runs out. They finally understand the depth of their unspoken love for one another when they both acknowledge the miscommunication between them. June finds peace and is able to move on to her next life. Fah is given a coin to hold onto and the Noodle Shop disappears. Years later, when Fah is pregnant the coin reappears in her life and she gives birth to a baby boy who has the same birthmark as her mother.

Writer: Emily Teera
Producer: Halley Albert
Executive Producer: Rhet Topham, Lori Abram
Director of Photography: Jay Swuen
Editor: Champ Ensminger
Production Designer: Cheyenne Peerson
Composer: Chapavich Temnitikul
Sound Designer: Chanikarn Thitipichetkul
Music: Chapavich Temnitikul

Plays in


The community gather around the theatrical campfire and share stories of their struggles with demons, the external and within.

Dates & Times


Regal L.A. LIVE

Sat, May 13
9:00 pm