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Directed by Laha Mebow

Cast: Ali Batu, Buya Watan, Esther Huang, Gaki Baunay, Kagaw Piling, Wilang Lalin, Wilang Noming, Yasuy Silan, Yukan Losing

The tribe village gets misty in September, letting out an atmosphere as intriguing as Hayung’s family in this autumn-winter season. Hayung devoted his whole life to worshiping GAGA. However, after his passing away, the tradition was forgotten by his descendants.

The Hayung’s family represented indigenous families in Taiwan. Each tribe represents a withering big family. The eldest son Pasang joins in the election campaign, neglecting the opposition from his family. The second son, who is a farmer, is thus affected. After the election campaign, the entire family is on the verge of falling apart, and the village witnesses the snow for the first time in a very long time… With snow melting, new lives emerge. The broken family has started mending and repairing.

Writer: Laha Mebow, Hsieh Hui Ching
Producer: Eric Liang, Arthur Chu
Executive Producer: Axiang Leu
Director of Photography: Garvin Chan, Aymerick Benjamin Pilarski
Editor: Chien Chih Chen
Production Designer: YAO Kuo-Chen
Composer: Baobu Badulu
Sound Designer: Tu Duu Chih, Jiang Yi-zhen
Music: Baobu Badulu

Dates & Times


Regal L.A. LIVE

Fri, May 12
6:00 pm