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Directed by Olivia Owyeung

Cast: Karin Okada, Riley Hashimoto

Think Pixar’s Bao meets A24’s Minari.

BENTOBOX is a short film written by Vic. It tells a story about Tim Benson, a ten-year old child of half Japanese-half American decent living with his immigrant mother, Okaasan, who prepares him lunches in the form of bentos. What she doesn’t know is that he’s teased and bullied for these lunches at school. Looking to run with the cool kids, Tim abandons his mother’s cooking and searches for American snacks to indulge on instead. With his father away overseas, Tim searches for his identity between his cultural Japanese household from the town he’s supposed to fit into, rejecting his mother entirely in the process.

Writer: Victoria Hirakawa-Lee Castro
Producer: Victoria Hirakawa-Lee Castro, Caroline Ratliff-Wang, Izzie Nadah
Executive Producer: Victoria Hirakawa-Lee Castro
Director of Photography: John Zeng
Editor: Lijie Xie
Production Designer: Linna Zhou
Composer: Zach Williams
Sound Designer: Aaron Rapport
Music: Zach Williams

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