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Directed by Gabriela Serrano

A contemporary reimagining of a lost Filipino silent film, Dikit tells the story of a young woman with a monstrous secret, who desperately longs for a new body. When the new couple in town move in next door, she sees her chance to finally get one.

Director: Gabriela Serrano
Writer: Gabriela Serrano, Mariana Serrano
Producer: Mikki Castro, Jayne Serrano
Executive Producer: Gabriela Serrano, Ian Pons Jewell, Vicvic Gatchalian
Director of Photography: Aaron Marasigan, Justin Orcullo
Editor: Gabriela Serrano
Production Designer: Mario Serrano
Composer: Paulo Almaden
Music: Paulo Almaden
Cast: Mariana Serrano, Mika Zarcal, Jarrett Cross Pinto

Plays in


Sometimes the most intense storytelling happens when we close our eyes. These are reflections on the past, the future; and dangerous liaisons with monsters, the underworld, and within.

Dates & Times


Aratani Theatre @ JACCC

Fri, May 13
9:30 pm