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Directed by Maegan Houang

Filmmakers in attendance.

After her husband’s death, Cecile becomes an agoraphobic hoarder, gardening indoors without direct sunlight. She orders worms to grow a rare flower, but the worms create a black hole that absorbs everything she cherishes. With her home unrecognizably empty, she must re-assimilate into society on her own terms.

Director: Maegan Houang
Producer: John J Lozada, Vanessa Elliott
Director of Photography: Christopher Ripley
Production Designer: Emmy Eves
Editor: Gus Spelman
Stop Motion Animator: Jason Whetzell
Sound Designer: Grant Meuers
Composer: Robert Ouyang Rusli
Cast: Kieu Chinh

Plays in

WWYD (What Would You Do?)

Pixelated glimpse of some of the intimate moments of life. From a panicked search for a missing child, to the remnants of loss and war; this collection of live action, experimental, and animated works poignantly asks, “What would you do?” — Annie Liang & Eseel Borlasa

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