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Special Presentations

As one of the first film festivals on the continent to center Asian and NHPI storytelling, the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival has become a champion for Asian and NHPI storytellers, serving as a beacon for Industry professionals who are looking for emerging talent. As such, we have become nimble with our programming to work with artists and filmmakers to carve out programming that serves campaign needs to enrich outreach to the Asian American and NHPI communities This year, our Special Presentations include: NO NO GIRL, which explores the current impact of WWII and the incarceration of Japanese Americans, one young daughter digs into the past to uncover a mystery that has been buried in her family’s history; and PAST LIVES, a modern romance in the diaspora of two childhood friends who reunite two decades later in New York. These films programs appear in the festival lineup as Special Presentations, and are not part of Jury consideration for an award.