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Directed by Jonny Chang, Solomon Chang, Tiffany Ike

Cast: Brandon Santiago, Davina Isa San Angel, Grace Schafer Perry, Ikaika Gunderson, Jonny Williams, jonnychang, Nouthak Saopeng, Phoebe Brady, Tobden Toll, William Leach

In The Weather Inside, jonnychang reflects on his journey towards self-acceptance in a country that has marginalized his and his people’s stories. The premiere episode, NORMAL, is a visual representation of an anxiety attack or nightmare. The next offering, YOU, finds jonnychang lost in the desert in isolation, as he searches for purpose in his verses. The midpoint of the story, PLANT, is a return to the past — a nostalgic daydream that goes awry when “young jonny” is separated from his friends and must learn how to navigate the world on his own. The climatic episode, OWN SELF, is a breakthrough where jonnychang comes face-to-face with the masked spirits once again. The finale, GAME, is a final performance harkening back to jonnychang’s beginnings as a slam poet. The Weather Inside is a call to action for Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders to tell their stories — in beauty and in truth.

Writer: Solomon Chang, Tiffany Ike, Jonny Chang
Producer: Solomon Chang, Jonny Chang (2Chang)
Executive Producer: Solomon Chang, Jonny Chang, Kimmie Kim
Director of Photography: Solomon Chang, Sela Pierce
Editor: Solomon Chang, Jonny Chang (2Chang)
Production Designer: Jeung Bok Holmquist
Composer: Jonny Chang
Sound Designer: JMKM
Music: Jonny Chang

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From a rhythmic dream of drawn line and motion, to a traditional Ryūkyūan song and dance, to a verite time capsule of a healing anthem’s moment in time, this year’s Cinema Musia program is bathed in melody and sounds inspirational messages of healing and connection.

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Regal L.A. LIVE

Thu, May 11
9:30 pm