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Directed by Bailey Poching

Cast: Aleni Tufuga, Emacyn Ieremia, Gaby Solomona, Jayken Alatimu, Jedidiah Alatimu, Mema Maeli, Ryan Laumatia, Samson Vaotu'ua

Set during the Dawn Raids, The Voyagers Legacy follows the children of a Samoan family, as they reimagine their bustling Ponsonby home as a magical, whimsical fairytale world of swords and sorcery.

The Dawn Raids of 1974-76 were a time when the New Zealand Police were instructed by the government to enter homes and/or stop people on the street and ask for permits, visas, passports – anything that proved a person’s right to be in the country.

This blunt instrument was applied almost exclusively to Pacific Islanders, despite the bulk of overstayers at the time being from Europe or North America. Dr Melani Anae describes these raids as ‘the most blatantly racist attack on Pacific peoples by the New Zealand government in New Zealand’s history’.

Writer: Bailey Poching
Producer: Madeleine Hakaraia de Young, Matilda Poasa, Libby Hakaraia
Director of Photography: Ryan Alexander Lloyd
Editor: Bailey Poching, Aree Kapa
Production Designer: Keely Meechan
Sound Designer: Derek Metivier

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Through various frames and points of view, we are brought closer to encountering an ancient Pacific past.

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