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Directed by Maryam Mir

Cast: Laith Nakli, Mahira Kakkar, Sean Hinckle, Waseem Alzer

A passionate Syrian baker spends his first Eid in the US attempting to sell the sweet he has spent his lifetime perfecting: walnut baklava. As he roams the streets of Brooklyn, he bumps into a savvy Indian ladoo maker, who appears to have figured out how to appeal to one of New York’s most coveted customers: the health-conscious Brooklynite.

Writer: Maryam Mir
Producer: Sara Balghonaim, Aya Hamdan
Executive Producer: Laith Nakli, Aelita Parker
Director of Photography: Chheangkea Ieng
Editor: Maryam Mir
Production Designer: Rhea D’Souza
Composer: Isa Najem
Sound Designer: Lee Salevan

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Diaspora tales of reconnections, traditions, survival, and romance are explored. Though personal, these stories are universal.

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Regal L.A. LIVE

Sat, May 13
11:30 am