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Directed by Jess X. Snow

Cast: Hollis Wong-Wear, Madison Wong-Tend

In a dark bedroom, when Hollis uses breath work to soothe herself, she suddenly is transported to a desert where she encounters her wounded inner child. Over the course of a sunset, they reconcile their lost relationship.

Writer: Hollis Wong-Wear & Jess X. Snow
Producer: Akemi Look, Hollis Wong-Wear
Executive Producer: Hollis Wong-Wear
Director of Photography: Sheldon Chau
Editor: P. J. Wyderka
Creative Director: June Kim
Composer: Chucky Kim
Sound Designer: PJ Wyderka
Music: Hollis Wong-Wear
Choreographer: Jas Lin

Plays in


From a rhythmic dream of drawn line and motion, to a traditional Ryūkyūan song and dance, to a verite time capsule of a healing anthem’s moment in time, this year’s Cinema Musia program is bathed in melody and sounds inspirational messages of healing and connection.

Dates & Times


Regal L.A. LIVE

Thu, May 11
9:30 pm