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Directed by David Lee, Kenneth Chang

Cast: Clara Young, Crystal Lee, James Kang, Jessica Whang, Kenneth Chang, Michelle Ok Lee, Robin Ching

Jonah Chung is a Korean American man who uses drugs like Crystal Meth as a means of dealing with grief from the loss of his father to suicide. He resides in a filthy church basement while his mom lives upstairs as the live-in janitor for the ministry.

When a demon gets loose in the basement Jonah must get reacquainted with a congregation that has already pegged him as a hopeless addict.

Writer: Kenneth Chang, David Lee
Producer: Cindy Lu, Stephen Scheidler, Michael Kinsman, Kenneth Chang, David Lee
Executive Producer: Daniel Fong, Cindy Lu
Director of Photography: Jin Kim
Editor: Dalton Price
Production Designer: Mochii Mengqing Yuan
Composer: Matthew Wang
Sound Designer: Suat Ayas
Music: Matthew Wang

Plays in


The community gather around the theatrical campfire and share stories of their struggles with demons, the external and within.

Dates & Times


Regal L.A. LIVE

Sat, May 13
9:00 pm