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Directed by Jennifer Takaki

Cast: Corky Lee, Karlin Chan, Ching Yeh, Chen, Fay Chiang, Rocky Chin, Cynthia Dantzic, Carol Huang, Peter Kwong, Cynthia Lee, Jimmy Lee, Joann Lee, John "Johann" Lee, Ping Hong, Jung Lee, Richie Lee, Fee Lan Lee (Fee Mak), Russell Leong, Philip Levine, Tzi Ma, Norm Mineeta, Norm Nelson, Edmund Newton, Shirley Ng, Josh Rogers, Ryan Lee Wong, Theodora Yoshikami, Karen Zhou

Filmmakers in attendance. Film program will be followed by Q&A.

This powerful documentary, which made its world premiere at DocNYC, is an intimate portrait of the late great Corky Lee. an award-winning photographer who communicated to the world the everyday lives and political activism of Asian American communities. His photographs have also been featured in various exhibitions throughout US cities and has been featured in Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Village Voice, Associated Press and more. Director Jennifer Takaki followed Corky Lee for nearly 20 years, documenting triumphs and tragedy. PHOTOGRAPHIC JUSTICE: THE CORKY LEE STORY offers a unique and moving memorial to one man’s mission to bring justice to his community through photography.

Producer: Jennifer Takaki, Linda Lew Woo
Executive Producer: George Hirose, Lily M. Fan
Director of Photography: Jennifer Takaki, Naomi Mizoguchi, Stann Nakazono, George Lou, Bob Sacha, Braulio Jatar
Editor: Linda Hattendorf
Composer: Joel Goodman
Sound Designer: Nathan Smith, NL3 AUDIO

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