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Directed by Tess Paras

Cast: Jessica Elaina Eason, Joe Corzo, Lydia Gaston, Shelby Rabara

PERECITA “PERRY” DE GUZMAN, is a busy gig worker who wants to cut ties with her ex-husband and raise her credit score. When Perry’s mother sends her to help a Filipina elder, she meets BABES, an artsy, unpredictable, former globe-trotting dancer. She hires Perry to make a plaster cast of her butt so she can see it in all its glory. Throughout the afternoon, Perry finds herself charmed into food, drinks, and a spirited game of questions with a wise-cracking new friend. They banter about aging, women’s intuition, and identity, leaving Perry with a fresh perspective and Babes more prepared to declare her plans for the rest of her life…however many days that may be.

Writer: Tess Paras
Producer: Paul Feig, Laura Fischer, Kesila Childers, Erica Fishman
Executive Producer: Powderkeg Media
Director of Photography: Mike Maliwanag
Editor: Christopher E. Garcia
Production Designer: Brittany Ingram
Composer: Marina Ortega Mira
Sound Designer: Dubaz Sound
Music: Mark Borst Smith

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Stories about summer vacation-attempts. gregarious Pilipina aunties, mental wellness, a Nisei brother and sister who set off on an adventure, and more. These are stories of connection that lasts through generations. 

Dates & Times


Regal L.A. LIVE

Sat, May 13
12:00 pm