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Atin ang Langit

Directed by Enzo Ventura

Cast: Jemuel Satumba as Bert, Joel Garcia as Earl, Lau Apostol as Castor

A short film made by two Cordilleran filmmakers in the Philippines that tell the pressures of modernization faced by the farmers of their province. Such pressures as choosing between an oppressive but productive future or a free but unsteady tradition.

We dedicate this film to all those “who continue to wait”.

Writer: Enzo Ventura
Producer: Patrick Wong and Baged Cruz
Executive Producer: Annie Ventura, Nestor Ventura, Danny Wong, Eunice Wong
Director of Photography: Patrick Wong
Editor: Meg Lacuna
Production Designer: Nix Bueno
Composer: Zandrine Quizon and Stan Francisco
Sound Designer: Mik Pineda
Music: Zandrine Quizon and Stan Francisco

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Fri, May 12
9:30 pm