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또 다른 고향

Directed by Joseph Youngjune Lee

Cast: Choe Min (), Ha Mheen (하민), Jeong Hadam (정하담), Joanne (조은혜), Kim Su Hyun (김수현), Park Chanwoo (박찬우), Seo Jin Won (서진원)

This short film depicts the story of the director’s grandmother and her childhood experiences fleeing North Korea. During the Korean War, many families were forced to cross the border at the risk of their lives, with many experiencing unspeakable tragedies in their journey. In a world afflicted with refugee crises, this film highlights sacrifice and recognizes the shared history of these displaced families.

Writer: Joseph Youngjune Lee
Producer: Joseph Youngjune Lee, Baek Kyung Yoon (백경윤), Sohn Young Sun (손영선)
Executive Producer: Dave Beazley
Director of Photography: ByongHoon Jo (조병훈)
Editor: Joseph Youngjune Lee
Production Designer: Kwon Min Cheol (권민철)
Composer: Sorah Eun
Sound Designer: Vincent Huang
Music: Sorah Eun

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