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Directed by Kyung Na Park

Cast: Kyung Na Park, Matthew Ivler, Youssef El Mosalami

After a recession forces his parents to repatriate, Orion Nam is blindsided by news of his grandfather’s terminal illness. To see him, Orion would have to obtain a travel permit which offers no guarantee back inside US borders. Leaving, too, would mean saying goodbye to the small one-bedroom apartment that had been his childhood home. In this short animated film, Orion navigates his undocumented status and attachment to home as he chooses what matters most.

Writer: Kyung Na Park
Producer: Kyung Na Park
Executive Producer: Kyung Na Park
Director of Photography: Kyung Na Park
Editor: Kyung Na Park
Production Designer: Kyung Na Park
Composer: Kyung Na Park
Sound Designer: Kyung Na Park
Music: Kyung Na Park

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Discarded dreams. Forgotten memories. Missing pieces. These animated films will be where we put it all back together again.

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