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Directed by Jun Shimizu

Cast: Joy Park, Joseph Steven Yang, Jorge Luis-Pallo, Rosa Barajas

While her mother is away, Yuna cares for her ailing father Min-Ho, who has suffered a traumatic brain injury. One night, she learns her mother may not be coming home. As she attempts to communicate this harsh truth to her father, a strange and violent incident occurs in their vicinity…

Writer: Jun Shimizu
Producer: Becca Park, Natsu Furuichi
Executive Producer: Cecilia Hamagami, Wonnie Keem, Sean Keem, Jogen Atone
Director of Photography: Sam Cutler-Kreutz
Editor: Jun Shimizu
Production Designer: Nino Alicea
Composer: Nick Chuba
Sound Designer: Scott Esterly
Music: Nick Chuba

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Stories about summer vacation-attempts. gregarious Pilipina aunties, mental wellness, a Nisei brother and sister who set off on an adventure, and more. These are stories of connection that lasts through generations. 

Dates & Times


Regal L.A. LIVE

Sat, May 13
12:00 pm